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Recycled Large Square Cover Pot

Recycled Large Square Cover Pot

Forest Interior

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A minimalist industrial style cover pot, perfect for 10cm square nursery pots.* This pot is made from old concrete, ceramic and clay pots that have been curshed and added to the concrete mixture. Over 90% of the mixture is made from recycled materials, with the other parts binding the peices together.

  • Fits 10cm plant pot
  • Modern silhouette
  • Sealed 
  • Felt feet to protect surfaces
  • Made from recycled materials 

12cm x 12cm x 12cm


As this is a handcrafted pot, colours, patterns and textures may vary slightly. 

*plant and nursery pot not included



12cm x 12cm

Nursery Pot to Fit



Felt, Cement, Recycled materials

Good to Know

Due to the method of hand pouring concrete, each pot is unique and tiny air bubbles may be present in the pot. This does not affect your pot’s functionality.

Colour may vary slightly from pot to pot.

All our pots are hand-poured in the UK and come with felt feet to protect any interior surface. These feet can be removed if desired. 

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