Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the materials you use for your plant pots?

Currently, all our plant pots are made from a storng concrete mix, treated with waterproofer, sealed and felt feet added underneath. For our smaller pots cork is used underneath to protect interior surfaces.

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Depending on your the products you choose it could be between 2-15 working days. The longer processing times will be for pots that are made to order - they will have the estimated processing times in their description. Please note that processing and shipping times are different. For shipping times please see our shipping page.

Can a plant pot be too big?

In some cases having a large plant pot can be advantageous for the plant, especially if new stems for the plant are created under the soil and have to have space to form and push through the surface, for example the begonia maculata. A larger pot is good for stopping root binding which may stunt the growth of your plant. However, a plant pot that is too big compared to the amount of root your plant has can cause root rot. The roots can't get to most of the soil in the pot to take up water, so a lot of water remains in the soil which increases the changes of rot forming. 

What size plant pot do I need?

That depends on how you will be growing your plant. If it is in a pot with a drainage hole you can plant the soil directly into the pot, making sure that there are small stones at the bottom that allow water to be drained. A few centimetres larger should be fine to allow the roots to breathe. If you pot has a hole then it might be a good idea to elevate the pot with small feet to allow for extra air circulation. If you have a pot without a drainage hole, use a nursery pot that is slightly larger than one your plant is currently in and place it in the non draining pot with stones underneath to elevate it. This mimics a pot that does have a drainage hole. The pot without a drainage hole needs to be quite a few centimetres larger than the nursery pot so you can take it in and out easily.

Which plants grow well in pots?

Most plants can be grown successfully in pots, as long as the pot size is relative to the size of the plant to avoid root rot or root binding. Most houseplants are from warmer and more humid climates and so are not hardy to cooler weather or struggle with lacking light levels. Therefore, houseplants need to be kept inside in the winter in pots.  


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