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LECA Clay Pebbles

LECA Clay Pebbles

Forest Interior

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Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

Perfect for:

  • Hydroponics
  • Soil alternatives
  • Controlling moisture levels
  • Improving soil drainage
  • Aerating substrates
  • Reducing substrate pests and diseases
  • Controlling plant nutrition
  • Neutral PH

Rince the pebbles before use. Additional fertilizers added to water are required for strong healthy plants.


Nursery Pot to Fit


Good to Know

Due to the method of hand pouring concrete, each pot is unique and tiny air bubbles may be present in the pot. This does not affect your pot’s functionality.

Colour may vary slightly from pot to pot.

All our pots are hand-poured in the UK and come with felt feet to protect any interior surface. These feet can be removed if desired. 

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