Photography & Videography

I have been taking pictures ever since 2009. Since then I have self-taught myself photography and devloped my skills specialising in plant photography. In 2016 I started to take headshots for people at my university and then worked hard on portrait photography which led me to working local weddings and events.
Alongside photography, I created my own videos for my own social media channels and managing organisations social media platforms. As I started to increase my skills at video editing, I found ways to edit faster and produce better content. 

Plant labels | Shop displays | Online MArketing

Product Photogaphy

Have stunning imagery to support your products, for POS in stores, compliment your written articles with beautiful unique photos and attract an audience across your social media channels.

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Portpholio | editorials | Social media | HEadshots

Portrait Photography

Make your portpholio stand out with images that showcase your personality, publish on your blog and have high quality photos for your social media platforms.

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Digital and physical marketing | social media | portpholios | personal pictures

Photo Editing

Send in your own images and I will retouch them. There is also an option of colour grading your images to a specific aesthetic that matches.

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Content Creators | Product showcase | podcasts | social media

Video Editing

Have a long video with lots of pauses but editing them out seems like precious time wasted? Want to cut all your mistakes so you stick to your script? The next step is to find an editor that will save you hours of work.

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