Working with Jesmonite - Forest Interior

Working with Jesmonite

For a couple of years I have created plant pots from my own special mix of concrete which took a long time to perfect. Recently, I have tried my hand at using Jesmonite to try and make the creative process less intensive - and yes I am amazed with the results!

Bowl shaped plant pot with red, cream and white layered colours

Jesmonite was invented in the early 1980s by Peter Hawkin as a lightweight alternative to using fiberglass and concrete.

The type of Jesmonite I use for my pots is AC730 which is an 'Acrylic Modified Cementitious Composite'. This is a combination of a reactive mineral base and a pure water based acrylic resin. This mixture makes it extremely strong and resilient.

White speckled jesmonite plant pot with saucer

Jesmonite AC730 contains decorative aggregates such as glass and is designed to replicate concrete and stone surfaces. The pots you see here mimic granite stone surfaces and can be used indoors and outside.

The new material allows me to produce more pots and get more creative with my desgins.

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